Bentomine S.A. was founded by Stavros Roussos Family. The main operation of the company is the extraction and exportation of minerals from the quarry that is sited in Kimolos Island in the territory of Cyclades, Greece.

Kimolos, Greece

The 300,000 square meters land of Bentomine S.A. is sited at Prassa in Kimolos Island of Cyclades, Greece.

The company BEDOMAIN has been active in Kimolos since 1995 and is a family business with members who derive their origin from Kimolos. Its founder was Captain Stavros G. Roussos who had a long history in shipping but also in the Mining area since 1965 - the activities of the mines were started by his father George Roussos in 1955 - and to which belonged the oldest mining company "Sons of G. Roussou OE ”.

The Company includes Commercial and Technical department. It has significant amounts in Research and Development annually, and has set up a special section for Environmental Protection.


The main object of the company is the excavation of Bentonite, Zeolite and Pozolanis, materials which are sold mainly in foreign markets. In the Greek market up until a few years ago, our company was the main supplier to the Greek Cement Industries but due to the global economic downturn our materials are mainly exported abroad. After their excavation, our materials are passed through a special processing crusher for further pulverization, and then transported by trucks, specially covered, so that the dust does not escape from the quarry to the loading ladder of the ships, located in the bay of Prassos. The ships that can reach are up to 3500 Tons.

The quality of the exported materials is among the best in the International market, hence the bentonite of Prassa, famous for its whiteness and quality. The pozzolan supplied by the Cement Industries is used as a raw material in the production of cement and gives the produced cement pozzolanic properties that help reduce the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere caused by the greenhouse effect.

Bentonite is widely used (the material for 1000 uses, which is completely environmentally friendly) and is used outside industry, in drilling and construction, in cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceuticals and due to its high absorbency is used in the production of wines. in animal feed and for wastewater treatment. In recent years our company has proceeded with the production with Bentonite and Zeolite, hygienic sand known in the market "cat-litter". After relative treatment with various materials of our mine of the same composition we produce, Ultra-Fine, White Cat-Litter, Pure Zeolite Cat-Litter which are unique in whiteness with high absorbency without powder / powder.

The Company, due to the locality of the Owners, has exceptional sensitivity in all social issues but also personally many times, therefore in the context of good practices it has in the Community of Kimolos, when requested, Heavy Machines for road opening, Aquatic Vehicles, Trucks, for serving the Local Community. Renovates the area with annual tree planting and keeps the Fire Safety Zones open in cooperation with the Community. Contributes to the equipment of the Primary and High School Clinic as well as to the cleanliness of the shores. Sponsors of the activities of the Botanical Garden, Diomidos Park and many other sponsorships in social welfare institutions, Hospitals, etc.

But the most important Social offer of the company is that it employs more than thirty (30) families of the Island and has the largest percentage of the workforce of the island.